A “Myst” Classic

A while ago I installed Mac OS X Panther on a iBook G4 along with the “Classic” environment. I was interested in trying out some programs from the past. It came with software such as Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape browsers. I had some other software I was able to run: the first version of Photoshop Elements and Myst.

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MYST was a major hit when it came out in the 1990’s. It was a game that came on CD-ROM (new for most people at the time) and took advantage of Apple’s HyperCard and QuickTime technologies. The game involves solving puzzles as you make your way around various “ages” and learning about the unfolding story. Sequels to the game came out later as well as a book trilogy.

Cyan, the company behind MYST, continues to make it possible to purchase versions for modern computers. Playing on the iBook today is interesting for me as it involves a CD-ROM from 1993 on a 2004 computer while having an iPad for taking notes. For some more background ArsTechnica wrote a story recently with a video interview with Rand Miller, a co-creator of the game, looking back on its development.