Photography Assignment Generator apps for photography ideas

Noel Chenier, photographer and instructor, has created apps that are worth checking out providing photography ideas and information. They also allow you to get information on various techniques and types of photography. Along with each type there are several photos and tips to go along with them. You can choose a particular category or have the app randomly select one. He has created apps for use with DSLR cameras as well as one that is designed for those taking pictures with an iPhone.

Below is a link to the free version of the Photography Assignment Generator app.

iTunes Link

Photography apps on my iPod Touch

Following are some of the photography apps that are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

dSLR Toolkit for Dummies

iTunes Link

The dSLR Toolkit is an app that provides plenty of reference material and tools for you to make the most of your digital SLR. Some of the things it includes are:

  • information on how to take better pictures
  • settings to use for a variety of photography subjects
  • glossary related to digital photography
  • a place to take notes when you are taking pictures
  • a level for your tripod

Photo Tome

iTunes Link

If you like the section in the dSLR Toolkit section providing information on settings for different photography subjects then you’ll like Photo Tome. This app goes into more detail for the settings covering a wide range of topics from “Aquariums” to “Zoos”. For each subject it provides suggested camera settings, a description of the topic, along with a sample photo. It also provides some tips. A place for your own notes is also provided.


iTunes Link

With Impression you can easily add a watermark to your pictures. Simply select a photo from the photos on your iPhone and add text to it. Additional features are available with an in-app purchase.

Bill Atkinson Photocard Lite

iTunes Link

Photocard and Photocard Lite are apps that allow you to send an ecard that looks like a postcard. On the front of the card one selects a photo from one of the provided photos or one that is on your iPhone. On the back one selects one of the pictorial stamps, enter the name and address of the person you are emailing it to and your message. Photocard Lite is free with a limited number of supplied pictures and stamps. The full app provides more supplied pictures and also has an option to have your postcards printed and mailed.

Adobe Photoshop Express

iTunes Link

One of my favourite apps is Photoshop Express, it is a simple Photoshop program from Adobe for the iPhone. It has functions allowing you to make image adjustments, apply effects and add borders to your pictures. After making changes you can save the pictures or share it with your friends by email or social networks.

Color Splash

iTunes Link

ColorSplash is another image manipulation app that has one function and that is to emphasize one area through colour, while leaving the rest grey. When you open a picture in the app the picture will be grey. Using your fingers bring out the areas you want in colour. It is possible to switch back and forth between colouring and turning areas into grey and zooming and moving until you have the picture looking like you want.

Prepare your iPhone for the Olympics

It is now only a matter of days until the 2010 Winter Olympics begin in Vancouver. To keep track of it all there are several iPhone applications available. With these you can find out about all of the athletes, competitions and cultural events. A couple of them also include twitter feeds so you can find out what people are saying.

With these you won’t have to miss out on any of the action.

iPhone powered by the sun

Technologies for making use of solar energy are constantly being developed to improve efficiencies and broaden their use. Specific products are being made for today’s consumer electronics such as the iPhone. There are existing chargers available, ie the Novothink Surge, but one interesting concept is the iPetals solar charger that folds out in the form of a flower for maximum area and when  folded up it acts as a dock.

Have you tried a solar power charger, what was your experience?

New Bible app for iPhone

If you are looking for free Bible software for your computer the SWORD Project has programs for multiple platforms such as MacSword for the Mac. The latest program to be released is PocketSword for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It is a free app and additional Bibles and commentaries can be download. After downloading the program can be used to read the Bible without an internet connection.