Apple releases Safari 5

In addition to the big news of iPhone 4 and iOS 4 Apple also released a new version of Safari. Added to Safari are some of the new HTML5 elements and improved performance. Another addition is an official extensions capability to Safari. One of the most interesting features that has been added to Safari is what Apple calls “Safari Reader”. When Safari finds an article in a webpage and you select “Reader” from the menu Safari will pull the main content into a window, without adds and other items that may distract from reading. This is similar to when sites create a simpler “print” view.

To see some of the HTML5 capabilities in action check the  HTML5 web pages Apple posted last week.

Upgrade to Style Master for Macintosh

A program I have found useful for web design is the CSS editor Style Master. The program has now been upgraded to version 5 for the Macintosh. The program allows you to design your web pages in code or design view, or a combination view. It provides easy access to CSS properties, including some of the new ones available with CSS 3. A user guide and CSS tutorial is included with the program. Style Master is also available for Windows.