Macs in the Ministry Book Review

Author: David Lang

Review by David Voth

The following is one of two books I bought and read recently. The other one is called Windows PCs in the Ministry. These books are part of the new Nelson’s Tech Guides series.

The book Macs in the Ministry is a book that discusses how to make use of Mac computers within the church as a means to support and enhance one’s ministry. The book is divided into two sections:

  • Part 1: Inspiration
  • Part 2: Perspiration

The first section covers different ways that computers can be made use of within the church, such as:

  • Bible study
  • presentation of music and sermons
  • creating websites and using other internet services
  • creating teaching guides, cards and calendars.

The second section is more practical in that it takes the first section and goes through the steps that one would go through. While some other applications are mentioned the focus is doing the steps making use of software that many people already have, namely iLife and iWork. A separate DVD is included with what you need, such as the images for creating the sample projects.
Some of the strengths of this book are

  • It maintains a focus on people and noting the importance of family and the work of the Holy Spirit within ministry.
  • It uses programs like iLife and the DVD for the projects means that anyone with a Mac can work through the projects outlined in the book and will make this book helpful to new Mac users.
  • Examples of what has been done by others are provided in the book as well as providing a list of other places to find help for Macs.

This book I would say is primarily written with pastors and Bible teachers in mind. However, I would also say that there is plenty here for any Christian that wants to make the most of their Mac in a creative way.