Card Reader Tag Soup

Who is it that comes up the different types of flash cards for cameras and storage? The companies should do something to make it less confusing. I have an older camera that takes Compact Flash, but my newer one takes SD cards. Its easy to tell them apart, but then there are all kinds of SD cards. The thing I am struggling with is SDHC cards and being able to read them on my computer. I bought a couple that I thought would be good for using for storage. I had a reader, but it wouldn’t take a take the higher capacity cards. I bought a card reader that accepts various types of cards, including SD,Mini SD and Micro SD. On one page of the specs it also mentioned SDHC so I bought it. Unfortunately, it didn’t work with the higher capacity cards and so it wasn’t much use. I contacted the company and they said it should work, but I ended up buying a different one.

A suggestion would be for the companies to develop something that reduces the confusion. I know one always has new technologies coming out, but it isn’t helpful to the consumer to have these conflicting technologies out there at the same time.