Mac Browsers, what to look for?

There are many different browsers out there for the Mac, Firefox and Safari being the main ones. Some of the things that I like in my browsers are tools for web designers and also capabilities for limiting the use of Javascript on websites as I find on many sites I find it unnecessary and sometimes intrusive, like pop-up ads activated using Javascript. The browsers that I?ve used and what I found about them:

Camino: For a long time I used this browser. It is based on the same rendering engine as Firefox so web pages will work the same. Camino is built only for the Mac and so it has a native Mac UI and takes advantage of Mac features. Its also an excellent choice for older Macs as you can run the latest version of Camino on Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

Opera: I used Opera for a while. It has options built in for controlling the type of content, such as Javascript, that will be run on a site. It also has web design tools built into it. While not too much of a problem, I did find some sites that didn?t work well with it. This isn?t necessarily a problem with Opera, but of web designers that require certain browsers.

Safari: Apple?s browser. Version 3 has a few web tools that can be activated by selecting the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” checkbox. This gives access to the “Inspector” and a few other options.

Firefox: I?m currently using Firefox as my main browser. As many say, the add-ons are part of what makes it a great browser. I don’t particularly like the standard theme, however, I found an excellent one that I’ll mention in my next post on Firefox extensions.

Still yet to come for the Mac is Google’s Chrome browser that will be interesting when it comes out.

With Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla’s Gecko there are also some other browsers, have you used one and have a comment? What do you look for in web browsers? Do you stick to one browser or have you switched in order to find the features you were looking for?